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Meet Greg Spivak

Personal Trainer

Functional Exercise

Greg trains with mobility and strength focused exercises to produce optimal range of motion while staying functional. These exercises can be tailored for all ages including athletes and bodybuilders as well as those seeking joint rehabilitation or have experienced a back injury.

Effective Nutrition

Utilizing a primal based nutrition plan, Greg focuses on putting real, natural, and whole foods into our bodies. You’ll no longer have to be a slave to your stomach; your stomach will be working for you and on your schedule.

Mindset & Focus

Greg is a certified Wim Hof instructor who uses breathing techniques as a tool to keep the mind and body working at optimal levels. Helping to keep you in tune and on top of your life. 

Perks of a Personal Trainer

A customized guide to get your body working optimally & functionally

Proven Practices

No fad dieting nonsense that is impossible to follow & miserable to stick too. Greg uses proven techniques and methods to permanently increase your standard of living.

Unconventional Training

With the aid of steel maces, kettle bells, and the weight of your body, you will get a full body workout at convenient and fun locations like the beach and the park.

Fits into any Schedule

Greg keeps track of all exercises and provides detailed nutritional guidelines so you don’t have to worry about the externalities. Show up, escape your day, and workout.

Optimal Function's Philosophy

Optimal Function exists to confront misguided nutrition and wellness guidelines that health organizations connected to Big Pharma have been suggesting for ages.

Spoiler Alert: Our system is broken. Cancer is at all-time highs. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Obesity are at all time highs. The time has come to question the system that has been failing us and enabled illness, causing us pain and heartbreak.

Optimal Function is here to give you access to cutting-edge educational materials and specialized recommendations in regards to making sound, optimal decisions when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Free Assessment & Training Session

Contact Greg Spivak today and at no cost receive a full strength, mobility, injury, and nutritional assessment as well as a one hour long personal training session.